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The Winter Countdown...

Adirondack Winter: Is Officially Over

The winter countdown has come to a close, The official "Winter 46ers" is over.  As of March 21st - your summit bids will not count as winter climbs. Even though  many of us know that the winter conditions will persist for another month or two after this date, those of you trying to gain a "W" on your 46er quest.

If you're going out make sure to check the weather forecast and have the proper gear (Snowshoes etc.).  Even though winter is considered over, we all know that the Adirondack mountains continue to have very wintery conditions for another few months. With the ending of winter, lets hear a big round of applause for Spring and Summer!

Adirondack Winter Member Photo Feature...

Browsing through our online photo gallery you have to be amazed by the beauty of the Adirondack State Park.  The majestic peaks, ice encrusted trees, the wildlife getting ready to emerge once again this spring.  Here are a few sample shots from our members - - - great shots everyone!


Lunar Eclipse - Wednesday Night

nasa_lunar_eclipse_195_28aug07.jpg "Skywatchers in the Western Hemisphere will be able to view the full moon in shades of red as it slides into the shadow of the Earth during a total lunar eclipse Wednesday night.

If weather conditions are favorable, the entire eclipse will be visible in South America and most of North America late Wednesday. People in western Europe, Africa and western Asia can view the eclipse before dawn on Thursday.

The U.S. space agency, NASA, says the major stage of the eclipse will last about 50 minutes at 0301 GMT until 0351 GMT. NASA says the moon can take on a dramatically colorful appearance, from bright orange to blood red, as it passes through the Earth's shadow."

This will be your last chance to see a full eclipse, next one is scheduled in 2010. So make sure you get outside around 8:45pm, full Eclipse around 10:26pm.

For Full Article Click Here

Graphic Showing Eclipse Times for the North East


New Personal Message System Installed

*** Quick note to all our members. Just installed a great little module on the site that allows all of you to more easily communicate with each other. It allows you to click on anyone's name, and shoot them a quick instant message.  You will notice on your home page on the right side is a "Private Message" area where you will receive emails.   Also a link to "Send Emails" is found under your User Menu, giving you the ability to send and receive messages.

I think people will find this most convenient if you wish to shoot a quick message to someone on the site.  Aside from that we've also enabled "Connections", so next time you're viewing someone's profile you can add them as your friend.  Then all of your friends will be listed under your profile making it easy for you to email, instant message, or view their profile.

Please send us feed back on these new features, we hope you like them!

Missing hikers rescued from mountain

"The search teams that found two men atop a mountain in Franconia Notch had spent nearly six hours breaking trail to the summit, making their way through darkness, deep snow and howling winds.

The two men had planned a day hike Sunday up to the summit of Mount Lafayette, a nine-mile loop up the Falling Waters Trail and down the Bridal Path. Although Sunday morning started out clear, snow and winds blew into the notch by late morning.

Goss said the two had good gear and that Frederickson had winter hiking experience. Osborne was described to officials as a novice winter hiker. But they did not have snowshoes or adequate gear for the extreme conditions, which included subzero temperatures and winds of more than 60 mph.

The two were found near each other, about 200 feet north of the intersection of Falling Waters and the Franconia Ridge trails. Frederickson, officials said, was lying near the trail, his back still on his back, unresponsive. Osborne was found a short distance away, near some scrub trees.

Osborne was lifted off the mountain at 8:50 p.m. and Frederickson was flown off at 9:35 p.m. Both were taken to Littleton Hospital, where Frederickson was pronounced dead. Osborne was airlifted to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon. His condition was not available."

Read the Full Article - Union Leader Newspaper

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