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Grace Peak Proposal Gaining Momentum

Adirondack Forty-Sixers’ Grace Peak Proposal Gaining Momentum
A groundswell has been building for several years to name two peaks in the Dix Range after two people who had a defining influence on hiking and outdoor recreation in the High Peaks. The Grace Peak Committee of the Adirondack Forty-Sixers is leading the initiative to name East Dix “Grace Peak” in honor of Grace Hudowalski, and South Dix “Carson Peak” in honor of Russell M.L. (Russ) Carson. Grace Hudowalski #9 was one of the founders, first president, and for decades Historian of the Forty-Sixers of Troy and their successor, today’s Forty-Sixers. Russ Carson wrote the first history and trail guide to the region, “Peaks and People of the Adirondacks”, was a charter member and early president of the ADK, and devoted much effort to researching, preserving, and promoting the responsible enjoyment of the Adirondack Mountains.  The path to formal name approval by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names is long and arduous, and success depends on strong local and regional support. Information about the proposal, biographies of Grace and Russ, details of upcoming events (including locations and times), and a status report on progress can be viewed at the Grace Peak Proposal Website .

 --- Kevin MacKenzie passed this link and information onto us, sounds like a great idea! We'll try to track the progress of this committee and see if they succeed in this good cause.


Our 300th Member - Congrats James!

The Mountaineer awards Prize
Congrats - James our 300th Member!
James from Sodus, NY is our Lucky #300 - On January 30th, 12:05am the HikeADKs site hit 300 registered members. Just happens that a fellow named James is our lucky winner, to celebrate our 300th - we thought it would be fitting to present him with an Adirondack High Peaks Guide Book presented by the great folks at The Mountaineer of Keene Valley, NY.

We are happy to welcome all the new hikers out there - HikeADKs.com


HikeADKs New Logo

HikeADKs New Logo
We're proud to showcase our new HikeADKs.com logo!  Felt it was time to put something together that will be easily distinguishable and can use on some of the different pages on the site.  Come Summer and Fall I'm thinking of having 4 variations for each season... But for now it's winter and we can enjoy the snow capped Adirondack mountains.

Also updated the main header image at the top of the site from our last Table Top climb on January 26th. Nice winter view of Colden and Algonquin, enjoy!  That's all for now, Happy Trails!  - - Eric

HikeAdks Turns 1 year old!

Happy Birthday HikeADKs.com
Please indulge and Celebrate with us!
HikeAdks Turns 1 year old! This month marks our 1 year anniversary of providing tools and information to the ever growing amount of Adirondack Hikers. We would all like to thank all of our members out there for being supportive, sending your suggestions, and a big thank you to all who have contributed on this site.

To celebrate we've put together a 1 year birthday cupcake for all to enjoy (Our new years resolution has kept us from making it too unhealthy, so it's in online form only and it's safe to look at).  Coming in a a whopping 0 Calories this will be a very enjoyable treat for all.

Here's to 2008 and the next many years ahead for the HikeADKs Community!  Hip Hip Horray! Best wishes in the new year... Wishing to become a member of our site?

Click here - Register Today!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all you hikers out there!  Hope you've made your new year resolutions, and sticking to them!  We've started a discussion on our message boards about those resolutions - so if you want to share what you are striving for, please share!
Adirondack Calendar
 On a side note, we wanted to let you know that we've just installed an online calendar system on the site. Some of our members have asked for this, and we delivered!  Should be a nice feature alerting everyone of upcoming events and other notable things.  (For example: when we hikers have to use Bear Canisters, and when we don't).  This should give everyone a good heads up.  Another bonus is that if anyone has an upcoming event they feel should be up there and is not - please let us know and contact us. We'll do our best.

Happy Hiking!  - - HikeADKs.com