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Adirondack Trail Conditions Update - Sept 18, 2008

Trail Conditions


From the NY State Department of Conservation "Northway Bulletin" of September 18th 2008

Current Interior Conditions in the Adirondack High Peaks Region

Weather:  Forecasts provided by the National Weather Service (NWS) are based on conditions at low elevations.  Hikers & Campers entering the High Peaks Region should expect, and be prepared for, conditions which will likely be more severe than those expressed in a general NWS forecasts.  Hikers & Campers should check up-to-date forecasts before entering the back country, as weather forecasts can change .

Wilderness conditions can change suddenly:  While believed accurate, weather conditions may change at any time.  All users should plan accordingly, including bringing flashlight, first aid equipment, extra food, plenty of water and clothing.  Weather conditions may alter your plans; you should be prepared to spend an unplanned night in the woods before entering the back country.


Be Prepared before Entering Backcountry:

  • Check current weather conditions and short-term forecasts immediately before entering the backcountry;
  • Dress properly with appropriate outer wear and foot wear; hat and gloves or mittens; layers of non-cotton clothes and pack extra clothes and socks;


Bear Resistant Canisters: The use of bear-resistant canisters is required for overnight users in the Eastern High Peaks Wilderness between April 1 and November 30. All food, toiletries and garbage must be stored in bear resistant canisters.  DEC encourages the use of bear-resistant canisters throughout the Adirondacks.

The Schaefer Trail on Gore Mountain, which starts at the North Creek Ski Bowl and goes to the top of the mountain, will be closed until the spring of 2009. The closure is to avoid ski center construction and to relocate the trail away from the new expansion on Burnt Ridge and Little Gore. When completed the new route will start by the tubing hill at the Ski Bowl, precede on the north side of Roaring Brook to a location above the Reservoir, and then follow the old narrow ski trails on the North Face up to the summit.

Johns Brook Bridge: The cable deck bridge crossing Johns Brook near the Interior Outpost has been replaced and is open at this time. 

Indian Pass Brook Bridge: The foot bridge, just north of the Calamity Brook Crossover trail junction, has been reconstructed and is open to foot traffic. The lower bridge has not yet been replaced.

Mt. Adams Fire Tower:  The cab of the Mt. Adams Fire Tower was heavily damaged by windstorms in mid-January. The fire tower is closed to public access until DEC can make repairs to the structure.

Opalescent Cable Bridge: The cable bridge over the Opalescent River on the Hanging Spear Falls trail has been washed out.  The crossing will be impassable during high water periods.

Trail between Upper Works and Duck Hole:  A footbridge on the trail between Upper Works and Duck Hole was torn off its footers by an ice jam in the recent thaw. The bridge was located 1/3 mile west of the new lean-to on Henderson Lake. The stream can be crossed by rock hopping at a site up stream of the bridge's former location. A total of three bridges are no longer usable on this section of trail, making it all but impassable during high water conditions.

Duck Hole:  The bridge over the dam has been removed due to its deteriorating condition. A low water crossing (ford) has been marked below the dam near the lean-to site. This crossing will not be possible during periods of high water.

Northville Placid Trail:  Beaver activity has blocked a section between Plumley Point and Shattuck Clearing. Hikers can use a a well used, but unmarked, 1/4 mile reroute around the flooded portion of the trail.

Big Slide Ladder:  The ladder up the final pitch is missing some steps. The ladder can still be used but please use caution.

Arbutus (Wolf Pond) Road: This is NOT a public road, nor does it connect with the Corey’s Road as portrayed on some maps.

Roaring Brook:  The footbridge on the Preston Pond Trail (.5 mile north of Duck Hole at the intersection with the Northville-Placid Trail) is washed away. Crossing at this location during periods of high water may be difficult or impossible.  Bridge replacement is not yet scheduled.